Thursday, 6 March 2008

Great Auntie Olwen

Last Saturday afternoon I poped in to see my grandfather's sister, Olwen, who lives not far from where my parents live, in Craig-y-don. She is now 86 years old and I am glad to report that she is in relatively good health. As I had not seen her in quite some time we had a nice chat and a cup of tea and cake. We also got round to talking about the family and she was quite interested in my recent findings, especially those from across the water. She was particularly interested in what I had found about Morris Owen Evans, who was an uncle to her mother, Grace Ellen Evans. In fact she wants me to get copies of various documents. It's hard to believe but her father was born as long ago as 1870! Her grandfather Evan in 1841! So obviously she will know quite a bit about family history. She went to California in 1972 and met with family over there, including her auntie Mabel's brother, Milton who drove her to various places for visits. One of the visits, she recalls, is to a cousin she had not met before, Maggie. This would be her auntie Margaret's daughter who had emigrated to Kentucky in 1913, then moved to Akron, Ohio in around 1920. I have not yet tracked down this particular family and Olwen does not know anything more. So, next task on the family history trail...

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