Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Over the last few weeks I have been checking out the astronomical array of different podcasts that are available as downloads on the net. Having recently bought an iPod with a pretty decent memory, I thought it would be great for keeping in touch with my many interests, as things change over time. So I've subscribed to quite a few including the one in the photo on the right. I've loved history since I was a kid in primary school and Dan's podcast is delivered just like history should be. Well researched, enthusiastically delivered, and asks the the question which ultimately fascinates me - the what if? I can really recommend this podcast not just for history lovers but also those who enjoy good storytelling. Dan site is at http://www.dancarlin.com/ and you can subscribe to his podcasts by installing iTunes on your computer and subscribing from there.
The BBC have good podcasts and I enjoy the Radio 5 Live movie reviews with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo. I also listen to the highlights of the week from Radio Cymru, important if I want to find out what's happening in Wales. BBC podcasts can be found here.
I try to find out what's happening in the States and This American Life podcast is excellent, full of topical and intriguing stories thatare bound to keep anyone listening.
For music, I download The Rogue's Gallery, the best progressive rock show on the net. It's a long show, sometimes as long as 4 hours, but there are often some gems played and bands that you will never hear on commercial media but are a 1000 times better in quality and talent.
If I find any more interesting podcasts I'll post them on here. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

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