Sunday, 6 July 2008

Psychology course

This module of my Psychology degree with The Open University I have to say is the toughest of all the ones I have attempted. I have just finished the 3rd (out of 4) assignment and I am finding it a struggle, and it is only a half course! I had to answer some question on the visual pathways to the brain and how and why neurons do what they do. Then I had to submit an outine for an experiment that will be part of the 4th assignment, to do with possible effects of caffeine on memory. I had a bit of a panic moment this afternoon as my lovely new laptop (this one) decided to behave strangely on me and I lost the last part of my work. I managed to recove what I had lost and finally its finished. Anyway it's been sent to the University and I don't really care at the moment what mark I get! I probably will next week I'm sure.

I'm trying to make out why I'm struggling this year with my studies. Last year was also ok with the assignments, I was quite comfortable with the work but really struggled with the exam and I was expecting a resit to be honest. But passed I did (maybe someone was looking over me). I need such guidance for this year's module, I feel. I am really glad that there is no exam for this year's course, as I would not be very confident of passing. Biological Psychology is fascinating, don't get me wrong, but the course is so full of scientific expressions and terms I feel lost in a sea of cellular lexicon. It's almost like reading a technical manual, geared towards medical students rather than an historian like me! The irony is that if I had not taken such a big break in my studies (1998-2007) I would have completed the degree ages ago, and I would not have had to take this module (it was introduced as a compulsory component of the Bsc Psychology course last year! My last course next year will be on Social Psychology, a full course, 6 assignments, easy!!

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