Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gwyn's Playlist for Sept 2009

Here is a selection of what I'm listening to this month. It's been a very good month for rock music with the new Porcupine Tree album coming out and doing so well to come in at No.23 in the charts here in the UK. I think I have underestimated the support that Muse enjoy, and was really surprised that they went straight to No.1 with The Resistence. Times they are a'changin I suppose and about time.

Milliontown – Frost*
The Resistance – Muse
The Incident – Porcupine Tree
Animals – Pink Floyd
Whos’ the Boss in the Factory – Karmakanic
Chickenfoot – Chickenfoot
Drop – O5Ric with Gavin Harrison
The Dark Third – Pure Reason Revolution
Face The Music – ELO
Black Swan - Athlete

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