Saturday, 28 November 2009

Beware tales of fantasy money

Disturbingly I have been regularly contacted through my e-mail on Windows Live by certain individuals from countries in Africa, in my case Togo and Ghana, of requests to make money from the estates of dead individuals. I'd like to think that there is no-one stupid enough to actually believe this bullshit but just in case do not even think of pursuing these. It is well known that a lot of internet scams originate from Africa (Ebay used to get swamped with problems from scammers from Africa, but I think they have tightned up security now).
Here is an example of the type of letter I received today which claims to be from a Richard Ibe, an alleged attorney for some dead guy who was a contractor in his country. He goes on to ask whether you are willing to pretend to be a relative of the dead person and split the money. The story and the names of the deceased changes but the scam is the same.

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