Thursday, 10 December 2009

Anticipating Porcupine Tree

At last the wait is over! Tickets were bought months ago and now Simon and I can exchange them for a performance of the great Porcupine Tree tonight. We are going to the Academy in Manchester to witness the band playing 'The Incident' in its entirety, plus hopefully we will have time to see some of the second part of the show before we have to head off back down Oxford Road to catch the train home. Going to the venue will bring back happy memories for me. My first experience of seeing Porcupine Tree live was at the Academy but I believe that tonight's show will be in a different auditorium. The following for the band has dramatically increased in the last few years and this is reflected by the size of the audiences they have been drawing into venues on this current tour. It's good to see their popularity increasing and is continuing to increase as the years go on. Soon, gone will be the days when when people will say "who?" when Porcupine Tree is mentioned.

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