Friday, 23 November 2007

Just when I was in the groove!

Lately, I have to confess, that I have not felt the need to keep taking my anti-depressant tablets, and for some reason I have felt pretty good about myself, so why take them. Last week I was in such a positive mood (I was getting up early, having breakfast, doing chores around the house and generally being organized) that my wife asked me (twice!) if I was feeling ok. 'Yes' I said, 'I haven't felt like this in years! I feel great, must be the porridge I have every morning!' So, with my brain sharp, new ideas springing up inside , I went to sort out the house with some new furniture (courtesy of Argos) with vim and vigour. All went well as I quickly constructed 2 of the units I had bought, and then I felt it. Yes, my old friend, or should I say enemy, came back to pay me a visit. Sciatica is not a good thing to have, and I tend to get it when I'm feeling all vim and vigourly! I dare say it was a sort of friend to me when it meant at least 2 weeks off work, but now that I was in the mood to get things done, an untimely interuption. So, for this week I have been taking it easy and I must say rest is the best thing for it. First couple of days though I was walking with a bigger stoop than Galen on 'Planet of the Apes' (my wife unkindly compared me to Urko but I prefer Galen!). Unfortunately Moday I had to sign on at the Job Centre which was a little tricky, but I made it with little derision from the yobs and the delinquents hanging around. I did get the suspicious look from the assistant in there and was asked how I got the bad back, but not too much of a grilling!
So, I have to find that groove again, and carry on where I left off. There's much more to do, but the house does look like we can be proud of it again.
Now, where did I leave that screwdriver...

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