Band of the Week - Porcupine Tree


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fireworks display on Llandudno Promenade

Last Monday night we went to mum and dad's house and had fish and chips from Glyn's in Craig-y-Don. Simon had been on to us all half term that he wanted to have some before he went back to school. Well, fireworks night was just right. After finishing off the grub we went on to Llandudno promenade to watch the annual fireworks display being fired off the pier. It was a bitterly cold night with waves reaching at least 10 feet at times, but I was determined to have a video of it. My hands were frozen as it lasted

about 20 minutes! Anyway, I have put together a video with 3 tracks (2 from Ozric Tentacles and 1 from Porcupine Tree). It's quite long, but I hope the music helps. Originally there was too much noise from the gale. There was a good crowd on the prom (as there usually is every year). The video was taken with my Sony Ericsson phone so quality will not be fantastic.


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