Thursday, 31 January 2008


Spending my birthday money can be an excersise of tricky decision making. I assess everything in order to get the best value for money and consequently I get most of my stuff from the internet.

It's funny that a simple trip to ASDA for bread can end up with me parting with precious money on little treats for myself. This massively wealthy supermarket had the TV series HEROES for a mere £37.97. My brain kicked in with other price comparisons (including the internet) and it was the cheapest out there at the moment. Let me say that this series does not dissapoint. Simon and I were looking forward to seeing it as it had loads of plaudits, and we are Sci Fi fans. Tracy turns her nose up on things Sci-Fi (I keep telling her it's only drama set in the future, but she doesn't buy it), but even she was hooked by the end of the second episode. In fact we watched it as a family and loved it. Good news that there is a second season, though it has been held up by the long-running writer's strike over in America.

Money well spent!

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