Thursday, 22 May 2008

Updated video for Janet's web site

Here at last, after a lot of deep thinking and image manipulations, is the definitive video intro to Janet's web site on her family history...I think! No, seriously this is it, it won't get changed again. I wasn't that happy with the previous version, so a rethink was needed. I am pleased with my effort and of course I'm hoping Janet and her family are too. I'd heard from her that her dad had seen the previous version and was pleased with it. This new version is more representative of the family occupations, being the maritime and the coal industries, and the video is more consistently spread out throughout. I've tried to co-ordinate the music to particular scenes on the video. For instance when the sailors fall into the sea, the perccusion (the cymbols more accurately) chime in just at the right moment. I particulary love the moment when the miner smiles to the camera the tinkling of the cymbols can be heard. I look forward to trying my hand at other projects such as these, and I would be glad to make more for anybody who is interested. Just get in touch with me through this blog.

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