Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The end of a nightmare

Well, I finally did it! No, I didn’t strangle my next door neighbour, I finished my Brain Biology course with the Open University. Sent the offending last assignment yesterday and now awaiting the dreaded result. I sucked this year big time, couldn’t get anywhere near my usual standard. I think it was a combination of my head not being focused this year and the fact that I had a crappy tutor. I met him only the once, and that was enough for me. Only 2 of us turned up (same number as the one before that) and the first thing he told us was this war of words he was having with a student on another course he was tutoring. THEY LET HIM LOOSE ON 2 COURSES!I had a slight unpleasant exchange with him by e-mail when he refused to help me with re-sending an attached file I had lost. He kept going round the houses telling me to join a forum where all the files would be found, which I couldn’t get right at the time, and all I wanted was the file re-sent! So I went to the tutorial to see who this dick was, and found him to be prejudiced, to his own Liverpudlian roots (hated the people who are still in Liverpool) and ready to argue the toss with students. I told him I was experiencing health problems due to stress and this sort of thing does not help, especially as the piece of work was important as it contributed to all our 2nd assignment (an experiment). He told me ‘let me worry about things’! Great advice, pal, great advice! I haven’t heard from him since I got my 3rd assignment back in early August. I missed my 4th (I forgot!) and have just completed the End of Course Assignment. He obviously is not worried about me! For all he knows I may have left the course or even be dead! Anyway I hope I have passed this one as I sure don’t want to do it again, or have him as my tutor. Rebecca Pleasant (Child Psychology), now there was a good, caring tutor. Apparently, my next tutor is an ex-con with a quick temper so that should be interesting! Social Psychology is more up my street. Brain biology is interesting, don’t get me wrong, and I did learn a lot even though I found the assignments hard. And I did read all the course books, despite what my tutor says on my work. I made more notes on this course than on any, so there! So, my Social Psychology course starts in February next year, and I will have been on my counselling course at Llandrillo about 5 months. Yes, old glutton for punishment here has already undertaken another course! This is the follow up to the counselling course I took earlier in the year, but I am looking forward to it. Last week was the first and it served as an introduction for everybody. Seems like a nice crowd (again), and I could not help but think of the nice bunch I was with on the earlier course, and the fact that not any of them managed to get on this one. So, its time to forge new friendships again, and I’m sure it will be fun while it lasts.
I keep telling myself, there is a purpose for all this hard work, isn’t there!
I bet you’re wondering why I want to strangle my next door neighbour! And there’s three of them, so … which one?

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58Downunder said...

Hi Gwyn, So where is all this going to take you!!! Will you work in that profession?

good to see you posting again.