Friday, 24 October 2008

A terrible tragedy

On Monday night Ben lost one of his best friends from school. Reece Statham was killed with the rest of his family on the M6 motorway coming home from visiting his grandparents in Birmingham. It is such a terrible loss it has been headline news in the UK since. Four children and two adults lost due to the careless driving of a truck driver is the result of this tragedy. I hope the police throw the book on him. Understandably, Ben was distraught when the news was given to him on Wednesday, and he is still distraught as are many at the school. He has not been able to face going to school especially as poor Reece was in his form class as well as in many of his subject classes. Many will miss him as the tributes given and the flowers laid at his house in Llandudno show. Ben, together with a couple of friends and teachers, went to give flowers at Reece’s house this afternoon which was very brave of him, and it was good for him to confront the tragedy in his efforts to try and deal with his grief. Our thoughts are with his grandparents at this terrible time.

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Ms Baroque said...

Hi Gwyn, I just caught up with this. I'm so sorry. Of course I was shocked to read that in the papers; and now I'll be thinking of you and yours too.