Saturday, 28 February 2009

Another rant!

Yes it must be that time of the year again! Something irked me this morning that made me write a stinging letter to that old 'reliable' institution of ours, namely British Gas. To cut a long story short we recently found out that British Gas has been taking money from our bank account for someone else's homecare bolier service plan - since October last year. Now you would think that they would be concerned that they have done this, but apparantly not. Since they agreed to refund us they have told me that it will take a further 21 days for them to send me a cheque, which will then add another week for us to wait until we get back what was ours in the first place. Anyway I think it's outrageous, and the next time I get a call interupting my tea from British Gas wanting me to sign up with them, I will not be responsible for my actions! This is the letter.

RE: Refund

Dear Sir,

I feel that I need to write this letter to you because British Gas has taken money from my bank account without my permission. 2 weeks ago I discovered that I was paying someone else’s Homecare Plan since October last year. No explanation as to how this occurred has ever been given to me, but it sounds like you have at least one sloppy employee! Actually it makes you think why the people I was paying for their boiler to be serviced all this time didn’t spot that they were getting it for free. Boy, are they going to get mad when they have to be told that they owe you money! Anyway, I think it’s outrageous that I have to wait 21 days for what is rightly mine and then it will be in the form of a cheque, which will probably take another week to clear. A month to get my own money back, and by the way money that I cannot do without. I wish I could be generous and be able to afford to help someone else out, but unfortunately I had to give up my work in order to care for a relative, and find myself having to live on Income Support. So, I herby give you notice that if I go over my overdraft during the period I am waiting for my money, I will be sending you the bill. It’s only fair.

I also must tell you that the ‘advisor’ I spoke to today (Leslie with a Scottish accent) needs to brush up on her customer care skills. Her ‘sorry’ sounded like I was her enemy, not a customer. I have read comments by other people on the Uswitch web site declaring their disgust at the responses and lack of help they get from your telephone ‘advisors’. It seems they were not exaggerating. I pity the one who will inevitably phone me next trying to get me to switch back to British Gas for my supply! With what I have to say I’ll convince HIM to leave British Gas!

To conclude, if I was responsible for taking money that didn’t belong to me I would try and return it as fast as possible, and break my back to make sure it happened. As a customer I would expect that. However, this matter is being treated like it doesn’t matter to you. This money that you took from my account MATTERS to me. If I took 21 days plus to pay you, YOU would charge me!

I expect you to reply to this letter giving me a good reason why it takes 21 days to write a cheque to correct a mistake that British Gas was responsible for. What the hell is stopping someone higher up the corporate chain of command in getting the big fat chequebook that British Gas undoubtedly has (how many millions profit did you make recently?) and send me a measly £90 whatever, which should have stayed in my bank account anyway?

Yours sincerely,

G Hughes

I'm not holding my breath, but I recommend writing as a method of relieving stress!

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