Thursday, 21 May 2009

The year so far

Well 2009 is already half way over and I've been a bit lazy in regards to writing in this blog. My main excuse is the work involved with my Psychology course which is on its last leg now (thank God!), but I am enjoying this one much, much more than last year's which was a pig of a one to do. The module is Social Psychology and it is very interesting. In fact I am in the middle of conducting research for a project which will include studying people's identity in relation to their environment. I can't say too much about it because of confidentiality restrictions, but I am looking forward to participate in it.
The year so far has been a mixture of study and family tree work. I have completed the counselling course, but I am taking on another module at the college which finish at the end of next month. With the degree course finishing this year I should be study free for the first time in 3 years, and will be taking on other projects hopefully. But no studying! Not for a while anyway.
My main interest this year on the family tree is one of my great great grandmother, whose surname I recently found out. Her name was Jane Salt, as confirmed by her marriage certificate and my great grandfather's birth certificate. She has been a bit of a mystery for quite some time,and the only information that I knew about her was that she married William Williams of Croesor in 1869, her children, which included twins with the names of James and George, and that she was buried at Llanfrothen churchyard in 1927. The mystery deepend when her marriage certificate did not reveal her father's name. A bit of back story for you. Around the 1850's, 2 brothers named George and Joseph Salt came to live in the Bangor/Bethesda area together with other members of family with the name Twigge. With Jane naming her boys George and James (James was George and Joseph's father's name) I was sure I was on the right track, with probably George being her father. Well I can't be sure, but a recent telephone conversation I had with a relative seems to indicate that George was her father but had her with a woman named Margaret Jones before he married his wife Ellen. This seems to make sense because Jane apparant birth was before his marriage, and that George and Ellen's daughter Sarah was a witness at Jane and William's marriage.
Another avenue for information may be a resident in a Criccieth home who clams up whenever anyone asks about Jane. Could there be a dark secret in my family history? I hope so!

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