Tuesday, 9 June 2009

1911 census

At last the 1911 census that covers the Welsh counties has arrived online which will help all Welsh family historians. It has been a long time coming, with the English counties appearing quite a few months ago. There was always this troublesome gap in family history research between 1901 and 1911, a black hole where it was difficult to prove whose children belonged to who, and the only way to find out was to buy copies of birth certificates. The cost mounts up!
I was fairly successful earlier on in finding my relatives, but because of the nature of the interface on the site it is very easy to choose the wrong name and waste credits. 10 credits will get you a copy of the transcript of the household of your relative, and 30 for the image download. To be honest the 10 credit information is good enough for me, it gives me enough to go on. I must have wasted about 40 thinking they were my relatives. Its already yeilded useful information for me.
Over the last few weeks I have signed up for Twitter. Not sure how useful it is to be on it, but I have had a good old search tonight for anything that covers my interests. One good thing about it is that it is a good source for info on absolutely anything you can think of, and I've found some interesting photography blogs (which I have provided links to on the left)if anyone is interested.

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