Saturday, 1 August 2009

Remembering Sir Bobby

Sad to hear about Bobby Robson's death. I have a couple of memories of him because I was living in the Ipswich area from 1988 to 1990. I remember going to a Ipswich versus Man. Utd game at Portman Road in the FA cup (don't remember the round could be the third) and it was televised. I was in the crowd and I remember turning to my left where the television box was and he was sitting there (he was a guest of the BBC for the match) and thinking 'bloody hell, that Bobby Robson up there!' The rest of the crowd spotted him and they all raised their arms to salute him and he raised his arm in acknowledgment and smiled. We all cheered.
Not long after I was getting off a bus from Washbrook to Ipswich train station on my way to work at Chelmsford, when I saw Bobby crossing the road, going for the train station as well. I think England had just embarassingly drawn with Saudia Arabia and he was, as usual, being slagged off in the press at the time. As I got on the platform it was packed with waiting commuters for the London train, as it always was. Bobby was standing right at the far end, where the first class coaches would stop at, and he seemed in another world, in fact he looked like he had all the worries of the world on his shoulders. I remember thinking, this is the England manager here, catching the same train as me (and a few others of course!).
Another celebrity I saw during my Portsmouth days was the infamous David Icke, who was then a respectble BBC Sports presenter but not long after lost his way with the Purple shellsuit cult. He was very uptight, sitting in front of me as I got on the Portsmouth-London train and hardly made eye contact with any of his fellow passengers. He was wearing a long camel haired coat, like Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses... I wonder what he's doing now...

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