Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Dances With Wolves

Buying a surround sound system yesterday has ignited my desire to watch films again. After bringing home my son Simon from school after his English exam, I decided to watch a DVD, something good and epic. Well, I hadn't watched Dances for few years so that was the one. I must admit I like Kevin Costner films. He makes films that are a combination of what I would say feel good and at the same time have that tinge of the hardness of life about them. Dances, I feel, deals with loss (the frontier, culture, way of life). He even lost his horse and his wolf, but the character he plays, Dunbar, is a genuinely fine human being, and is above all prejudice. Even though I had seen the film when it came out in 1991 with a very pregnant wife who continuously asked me ' how long is this film?', I was still enthralled by it, and the surround sound almost made me feel I was on the prarie in South Dakota. The afternoon went flying by and at almost 4 hours long it is not overlong, as some films can be. There is also a very good documentary, plus some behind the scenes footage.

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