Saturday, 2 June 2007

Taking the Wii!

A worrying problem for any parent, but do children worry when their parent gets to like playing video games too much? They do when they can’t get on it!
My youngest was supposed to get a Wii console system last Christmas but they were in such short supply we couldn't find one. Finally got one a few months ago through e-bay at a good price, and we felt that we had fulfilled our part of the deal.
Being a fan of sports I had to have a go at the supplied sports game that comes with the console. I must say that I am quite addicted to the golf simulation, and the tennis is pretty good as well. Even with the same 9 holes that are available, it still grabs you and tests your ability.
My best score is -8 and I can usually get an average of -4.

And I have had a hole in one on the 2nd.

That’s a good motivational factor!

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