Friday, 1 June 2007

Me and William Morgan’s brother

It turns out that I (and thousands others) am related to that famous saviour of the Welsh language, Bishop William Morgan. Born in 1545, as all Welsh children were taught in school, he translated the bible from the Hebrew and Greek versions into Welsh. 100 were printed in London, and one was presented to Elizabeth I, which was used at the present Prince of Wales’ investiture in 1969. As the bishop was childless, everyone of us descendants are related to his siblings, which I am to his brother, Morgan ap John ap Morgan.
We paid a visit to the family home of the Morgans at Ty Mawr about 2 weeks ago and is well worth a visit, though you should bring your hiking boots with you. It is, however, a very pleasant walk, which we took from the village of Penmachno.


Digital Housewife said...

The countryside is stunning ! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

Gwyn said...

Thanks D. I will be taking more photos as we go on our little trips over North Wales. Have recently joined the National Trust for a year, so lots of visits to historic sites and houses.
Thanks for leaving the comment.