Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Best Album of the Year?

I doubt that it will win any awards but the best ones never do, do they? Although Porcupine Tree's new album (I still call them albums - showing my age!) 'Fear of a Blank Planet' has turned out to be their most succesful to date, I think Blackfield second album (titled 'Blackfield II') is a little gem, and is the best I've heard this year. It's so good I don't think I will hear a better one, even writing this in August!

Blackfield are a collaboration of Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) and Israeli singer songwriter Aviv Geffen and together they write good melodic songs. Often described as Wilson's pop outlet, the songs are invariably laden with guitar riffs. They are very big in Israel because of Geffen's long standing popularity. Here is a link to a preview of their second album, courtesy of You Tube.

This isn't wishy washy pop drivel. These compositions reflect the state of the world we live in, hard hitting reality, no sugar coating!

Here is one of the best videos I've seen for a long while:

Here is a live in the studio version of their Israeli hit 'Pain' (from the first album)

Interview with Steven Wilson talking about Blackfield II

Again there are plenty of stuff on You Tube if you want to see and hear more.

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