Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Simon is 16

My oldest son was 16 yesterday so we decided to take him to a place he didn't think he would ever get the chance to go. We took him to Manchester United's ground Old Trafford where they take people around the ground on stadium tours. He was very pleased with the 'present that we could not wrap up' and bought him a new Man United football shirt with 'Tevez' on the back of it. We also took him to lunch at the Red Cafe, and I can recommend the buffet there. The tour guide, Stewart, was very entertaining and luckily I got away from revealing the knowledge of my football team. It would have been very awkward if he had found that I support Leeds United as they are not so hot nowadays and there is fierce rivalry between the two!

Judging at how many times Simon thanked us during the day I think we got it right this year!

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