Thursday, 23 August 2007

Simon's Exam results

It's been an eventful week for my son Simon which keeps getting better for him. He got his exam results this morning and he has obtained 8 GCSE's which include a couple of B's for both History and Welsh. We are all very proud of him, especially as it has been a traumatic couple of years for him at the school. He will have an interview tomorrow to see if he is allowed to enter the 6th form. He has the grades in the subjects he wants to A levels in so hopefully some more good news tomorrow. His nain took us all for lunch to The Estuary at Glan Conwy and we had a very good meal and a very nice time. It was nice to sink a couple if beers for a change!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Simon !
As we say in California, Wooohooo !

Good going! You look so proud in the picture. That's great to see. AND ---- Happy Belated Birthday ! Cheers.

Gwyn, nice to see you bloggin again. Take care, your So Cal Cuzin...:)

Gwyn said...

Thanks and bless you for leaving a comment. I am on the verge of e-mailing you, Diane, as Simon has had a very pleasant and happy week. And he deserves it. He found out yeasterday that he will be allowed to continue his studies at school in what we call the 6th form, which is like college status but situated in the school.
I will have some photos for you soon. Nice to hear from you.