Thursday, 31 May 2007

Punch and Judy anyone?

While walking on Llandudno promenade last week-end on what was a pleasant, sunny, afternoon we stumbled on one of Llandudno’s traditional entertainment acts.
The Punch and Judy season is once again upon us!
It never fails to amaze me what a good old blood and guts story can do to captivate the very young! We are talking here of a tale about a puppet who has murdered his family (doesn’t go into the grizzly details, but families were huge in the 19th century) and is going to be hanged right in front of these poor children. And it’s not a quick hanging.
The dialogue that was coming out from the puppeteer alone should have scared the kids away!

“You know what’ll happen to you if you kill your family, don’t you!” he screams.

There was a woman going around the congregation with a tin cup collecting money for the show.
Since when did public executions sign up on pay-per-view?
I kept avoiding her as I my wife and kids had spent all the loose change in the amusements (and we are not talking cheap here).
I just didn’t want the embarrassment of telling her that I couldn’t afford pay-per-view.

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