Monday, 24 September 2007

iPlayer from the BBC

Handy thing I learnt about today. You can watch any BBC programme within the last 7 days on your computer by logging on to their iplayer site. An e-mail is sent to you with registration details and an easy step by step instructions. I personally don't watch as much BBC programmes as I did, but there are the odd occasions when there is something good on. For instance, last Thursday there was a real clash in our house where 3 of us wanted to see different programmes. Actually I wanted to see 2 of them (Wales versus Japan and Who Do You Think You Are?), Simon wanted to see the Rugby, and Tracy the What Not To Wear programme. All were on at the same time. This doesn't happen very often, not like the bad old days when Top of the Pops always clashed with The Six Million Dollar Man back in the 70's! So, I am attempting to download last Thursday's programme at this moment.

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