Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Time out!

I had a rare opportunity last week to visit a pub in Llandudno! That may not be a big deal to most people, but with the current situation at home it was a great feeling just walking into the Albert pub (pictured) and having a pint of bitter. The situation arose through chance as my son Simon was not well at school and we went to pick him up. I had an appointment with Cam Ymlaen at 11 so Tracy decide to take him home. I stayed on for the appointment and intended to catch a bus home to Rhos-on-Sea. Tracy has OCD so it was a big test for her to drive home without me.
As it happens I needed change for the bus and I was standing around the same place as where this photo was taken, wondering where could I go to buy something for loose change! No contest! The pint of smooth John Smith's tasted magnificent, and I spent around 20 minutes just savouring the atmosphere. I have been going into this pub for over 20 years and remember how it used to be before it was refurbished. Some happy memories. I met my old college mate Dave Bland here for an afternoon drinking session back in 1988, just before graduation. He was in Llandudno for the week on a driving course. It's still a decent pub and one of my favourites to visit, with good food.

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