Sunday, 2 September 2007

Video Clips

Video has arrived to my blog!

On the left hand side of the page I will be placing some video clips which I hope people will find interesting. The first one I've found is this wonderful images of my home town Blaenau Ffestiniog from the air. Just click and move to the top of the page.
I wonder what else I can find?

I have included clips of some of my favourite media interests.

Seinfeld - in my opinion the funniest TV show ever from America. If you like good comedy and surrealism to boot, then you will laugh your socks off! There haven't been many funny shows where all 4 main characters are as equally funny as each other. That's some achievement in my book.

Red Dwarf - What can I say? Probably the funniest show from OUR side! Not really a sci-fi show, just a very funny show which happens to be set in deep, deep space!

Porcupine Tree - Very underated rock band, unfairly labelled as 'progressive', but actually masters of all music genres. Steven Wilson is a musical genius and very prolific in his output. I first heard of them from a 30 second clip on (of the song 'Lightbulb Sun') and was instantly converted. In recent albums they have moved over to the metal side and have aquired a lot of new fans, but they still churn out classic ballads and moving music. Quite melancholic in their music, but this only serves to heighten the emotional mood of their songs. Click on the video clips below and try them out. Serious music lovers only!

Blackfield - A side project of Steven Wilson and again melancholic in nature. Very profound song writing and killer melodies. A live DVD of a concert if theirs in New York is due out in October and by all accounts an outstanding performance. Aviv Geffen, an Israeli songwriter is his co-member and some of the songs have been transformed from Hebrew versions of Aviv's.

Frank Caliendo - Recently found out about this guy. Does very funny impressions of well known American media personalities, such as Robin Williams, Robert de Niro and John Madden. Does killer impressions of George W Bush and William Shatner, and also does all the characters in Seinfeld - including Newman. Check out the Seinfeld clips before watching him if you have never seen Seinfeld before.

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