Monday, 24 September 2007

Useful PC information

Today I picked up a couple of PC mags to see if I could get some (ok, I admit it!) free stuff for my laptop. They are a bit costly, especially on limited income, but I saw some possibility of obtaining handy little tips. I purchased 'PC Advisor' and 'PC Answers'.
An add in 'PC Answers' caught my eye from the off. A free anti-spyware programme called 'Spyware Terminator' seemed a handy tool. Download it from and you won't be sorry. I have run a full spyware scan and it found loads of unwanted stuff. It even keeps running in the background so full protection is guaranteed, which the free Adaware doesn't do. To date there has been over 9 million downloads in September alone! 9 million! In this month's issue, there are very useful and simple tips on how to look after your computer, such as speeding up the start up (due to the many applications running in the background). Also there is a list of the 10 best free programs (I hit gold!) out there, and some of them surprised me. There is also a great article on how to use Windows Movie Maker, with some new applications that I didn't know about.
I've yet to read all of 'PC Advisor' but it too looks packed with some useful information. My friend Rich from Blaenau would find it useful, so get yourself a copy, mate!

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